Invented Poetry Forms – The Acrostic Selfie Poem

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386The name of this form is fairly self-explanatory. An acrostic selfie poem is a short, usually whimsical self portrait in verse, in which the first letter of each line spells out the poet’s name. I can’t actually say who first invented the form since the acrostic name poem goes back at least to the Middle Ages, but I first utilized the concept myself about 15 years ago while teaching a poetry workshop for children at the public library in Sterling, MA. If a poet is feeling ambitious, one can use their full legal name, but it is quite acceptable to settle just for your first name like I did when I wrote the following example as a model for my students  (I hope you will enjoy reading it and that it will inspire you to try writing your very own):


 Polite to inanimate objects,
 Always apologizing…

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  1. Michael Todd

    The link does not work for me.

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  2. Thanks for introducing me to a new poetry form!

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  3. Thank you so much, Eugenia! I really appreciate the reblog.

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  4. I like this. Going to give a shot…someday.😼

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