“But Mom!” in response to BrewNSpew word prompt “Pretend” Apr.8,2019


“Well young man! I’ve had just about enough of your silly games! You make up such nonsense. Honestly! You live in a world of fantasy, just like your father used to!”

“But Mom, it’s …”

“You’ll get that butt into your room RIGHT NOW!”

“Mom? It’s really gonna…”

“If  you MOM! me one more time and don’t get moving, I might do something I’ll regret! Now Move!”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Yes, Ma’am what?”

“Yes, Ma’am I’m sorry”.

“That’s better! Now Go!”

“Yes Mom.”

“Well, Mrs. Parker, there’s really nothing we can do here. It seems he just, um, slipped away. We can’t pretend to find anything that would account for his, um, death. G’day.”

©J.E.Goldie 4/09/2019

BrewNSpew word prompt “Pretend” April 8, 2019


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11 responses to ““But Mom!” in response to BrewNSpew word prompt “Pretend” Apr.8,2019

  1. Failure to attend, failure to listen, failure to thrive.

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  2. Spot on. Love this.

    Have a fabulous day, Eugenia. ♥

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  3. Thank you Eugenia. I never quite expected such a compliment 💜🌼

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  4. I think my brain is fried. I’m trying to wrap it around the flow of dialogue and am not sure I’m grasping it. Am I to assume the child told is in trouble because his make-believe world involved the authorities or another adult? It’s nothing you’ve done, Jen. I think it’s well written but I’m a2zing this month which is enough reason to be slightly on the off-kilter side of life but I have a plate full of other things going on. Congrats on being featured on Eugenia’s site today! 🙂

    Today’s letter I is for Intertidal Zone in my Little Mermaid Art Sketch series. Come join me and happy a2zing!

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    • Cathy its simply this. He tried to communicate his distress, to his Mother (The distress is left to your imagination) but his Mother refuses, for her own reasons to ignore him. The result is he’s gone. ..Hopefully that helps 🙂 And I hope your day slows down a bit so you can breathe. 😊🌼

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  5. Wonderfully crafted and evokes poignant emotions. ♥️

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