Just Whistle

Thru Violet's Lentz

Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not

“If you want me, just whistle.” James said as he closed the bedroom door behind him, and wished his friend, Bobby, a good night.

‘At least I know I’m doing everything I can to help him at this point.’ James consoled himself as he slipped into a shirt and pulled his boots on.

The vicious cycle of Bobby’s wife going ballistic and throwing him out in the middle of the night had been going on for years, and ever the faithful friend, James had never turned him away when he came knocking, looking for a place to stay.

She always got over it, and the next day they were back together, just as if nothing had ever happened.

But for James, this routine was getting old.

And truth be told, he was getting tired of sleeping with Bobby’s wife every couple of…

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