i think im Hamlet tonight

words less spoken

pain at sunrise can cost a slight loss of mind. angry and melancholy like the crazy Hamlet. i think of actions and confusion of morality. i’m a villain to myself. i am fearful that God has gone by me super-fast, like when it’s too late to move your car when the parking ticket lady is writing the ticket. solitude and desperation of heart and soul can make one see things in a past that one never had and the reality of the future 5, 10, 30 minutes is too frightening. time grows stale at dawn. Griffith Observatory is oh so far away but down the street from where i live. the young folks are out being hip and smart in the world. i wonder if when they are as old as i am will they inherit my thoughts as they breathe my CO2 as they are doing now. i…

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  1. Sorry Eugenia, I didn’t been to unfollow you just then, seems everytime I click the cookie bar on blogs away it also unfollows me from a blog, just done this on two posts now in a row..

    Thank you for sharing ❤

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