Month: April 2019

Welcoming Warmth

a gelid facade icy paths breed bitterness awaiting comfort § admist the great thaw summer solstice brings balance warming trends ahead Reena’s Exploratuin Challenge #84 Please visit my other blog, ThusNSuch -Eugenia featured image – prompt image – Reena Saxena

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #84

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Well… we have crossed the pleasant ambience of spring and walked into a sultry summer in this part of the world. So guys, warm up to new ideas in Week 84. I see this space as one for collective evolution. PROMPT Reena’s Exploration Challenge #84 FOR THE NEW ENTRANTS There…

BrewNSpew Café April 22/2019

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Word of the week – ecstatic – (adjective) – 1) feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement. synonyms – euphoric, joyful, joyous, rapturous, blissful, delighted, enchanted, jubilant. 2) involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence 3) (noun) a person subject to mystical experiences The news that I got made…


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When am I Ecstatic? Is it when I hold a newborn, or a puppy’s warm breath caresses my cheek? Do I feel ecstatic when my heart swells and I lose myself in the musical magic of a cello ensemble? Or when the sun disappears leaving the sky ablaze with…