Reena’s Exploration Challenge #88

Reena Saxena

Welcome to Week 88!

“Two Fat Majors” as the Tombola/Raffle/Bingo/Housie game host would announce when number 88 had to be called out…. Numbers with repeating digits give me an eerie feel, and especially, the number 8 has a peculiar shape. It is like going round and about, to reach the same place again.

I came across another concept on ‘magic numbers’ that you see repeatedly, especially if those are
double digit. I see 22 repeatedly, but am unable to decipher the message behind
it. An Instagram post said ‘something magical and divine is happening in your
life..’ Good to hear that! Not sure if it is true, though….


This week’s prompt moves around two points

  1. A sudden event that feels magical in its impact
  2. Significance of numbers or any superstition if you find it interesting

Write a poem or story or anecdote about a character or event with…

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  1. It is interesting that you should feel s strongly about 8. Lying down 8 is
    the infinity symbol. You could look it up in e.g. Wikipedia.

    So many of us have our birthday date as lucky number. 🙂


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