The Curious Case of the Cubist Clown

Can anyone identify this piece of art?

Roland's Ragbag

cubist clownPhoto: WHB – 2019

An unknown nocturne plays
without provenance 
Realised in a Narnian dream
to be read by hearsay
its undisclosed lineage
a mystery

White-garbed musician
guitar akimbo
casually at ease
on a cubist chair.

In melancholy mood
his arpeggioed chords
gently weeping
to me
the silent onlooker
the uninformed audience
for his deft and fretful
Brazilian saudade

Braque-ish cubes
Harlequin or Clown
checkered grand master
or imminent coulrophobia

And why white
Why the mask noir
the dense
Intense context
Where only silent space
his rasguedo sonorous
in turn
soothing and somnolent
fraught with flamenco tension
or on fire with gypsy fervour

And the shadow figure
hurrying into the background
A sinister threat
escaping from
a mission accomplished 
or fleeing
bearing yet more grief
to some renegade de-briefing

The message missed
Significance lost
Theories advanced

The clues must be there
too dense…

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10 responses to “The Curious Case of the Cubist Clown

  1. It’s a wonderful piece. I wish I knew.

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  2. Thanks for the reblog, Eugenia. I agree it’s not an obvious cubist work, but does seem to be of that period.

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  3. cool

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  4. Eugenia,

    WOW, I love seeing how poets such as yourself can come up with a story in verses! Excellent job!

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  5. Thanks for sharing this awesome post,Totally appreciate it!

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