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My sanity prevailed!


This week’s –Word of the week – sanity(noun)– the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health. Reasonable and rational behavior.

Here’s my poem on Sanity-


Don’t challenge my sanity

I’ve wanted to achieve it insanely

I would have let gone of all my decadence and vanity

But never my sanity

Only sanity beckoned me in shadows of doom

It never bereaved me,

Sanity splurged on me apprising me

Civilizing me !!

My sanity has prevailed

delighting me!!


Written for:- BrewNSpew Cafe – word/expression of the week- Sanity

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  1. But someone else over there seems to have lost it completely?
    The State of Alabama leading the train of insanity it seems?!
    Whilst everyone else struggle to sit as quietly as possible in their seats?!
    What is happening to America these days?!

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      • Not unlike elsewhere around trhe world. Polirticians seem desperate to keep their chairs but I think we se the beginning of a revolt among the people of this world? But I’m really afraid it’s too late? We are extremely close to the point of no return, which means; No matter what we do, it’s too late to turn it around!
        Remember Stephen Hawking? Before he departed, he gave humanity 100 years to get off this planet, but even that is getting too late! No more time!

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