She’s a Woman.


BrewNSpew word/expression of the week – sanity May 28 2019

This weeks word/expression is SANITY

She gave a childlike glance to the left

and shrugged it off.

She stared icily into his eyes,

and quickly retreated,

as though spurned by his presence.

She jumped up and ran toward the noise

of potential disaster,

ready to come to the aid of a stranger.

She dialed the phone fuming,

ready to accost the injustice

she had just received.

She ate an entire package of cookies

as if she’d never eat again.

She walked quietly into her Church,

comfortably at ease with her God.

She received a Miss Congeniality award

with grace and a smile,

from people she’d never met.

She chastised her children,

she comforted her children.

She sat childlike on the floor and waited,

for what?

She is a woman, she is strong,

she is weak, she’s a mistress of everything,

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  1. Thank you Eugenia. My heart went elsewhere than comedy this week. xo

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  2. Eugenia,

    She’s a mistress to everything says it all! That’s precisely the way I feel every single day. Good job!

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  3. smile
    jogging yoga pants
    black tight
    form of her bermuda triangle
    shows me the beauty
    of His creation!

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