Month: May 2019

Spiral confetti ✨

Originally posted on freshdaisiesdotme:
Labyrinth of meteorite showers whirlpools spewing light confetti It’s a Space time odyssey magnificent and magnanimous!! The cosmos conspires Swearing by the ethereal beauty The ensnaring Starry night Lavish and decadent Will light up, as neon…

I know where I stand

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
starry pathways draw me to the moon till the Sun makes them invisible leaving me in the lurch I take a few steps ahead to test the skies Voila… I don’t fall I know my…


Originally posted on words less spoken:
the wind is beautiful soft blue tonight the moon is quiet just a giggle in a hush i wait and i call in my thoughts they are impetuous children while my soul walks on…