Lost in legal jargon

Thru Violet's Lentz

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

“I’m going to exercise my right not to answer that question based
on the stipulations as set forth in the fifth amendment.” Mason
daunted, an air of flippancy in his voice, his scowl directing
obvious disdain in the direction of the defendant, his twin brother

“Your Honor,” Dixon’s defense attorney, visibly flustered rebutted, “if it pleases the court, I’d like to reword the question, yet again, as the answer is paramount, not only in establishing the whereabouts of my client on the eve of December 17th, but in casting the required shadow of doubt necessary to bring into question the accuracy of the identifications made by the two eye witnesses in this case.”

“Mr. Across,”
the judge addressed Dixon’s defender, peering over the frames of
his reading glasses, forehead wrinkled with the taut arch of his
brow, “although I fail to foresee any…

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