Day: June 11, 2019

#Elegy Poem – When Refrigerators Attack

Originally posted on Culture Shocks:
Hello! Here is my take on BrewNSpew’s Word of the Week Challenge: Witty 🙂 Word of the Week – witty (adjective) – showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor. synonyms – humorous, amusing, droll, funny, comical, clever, chucklesome, jocular, lively, waggish. Eugenia @ BrewNSpew When Refrigerators Attack Oh refrigerator! My refrigerator!Hackers have…

BrewNSpew Café June 10/2019

Originally posted on Keep it alive:
How I wish I was a witty conversationalist People would be amused with my words Bringing about smiles and spreading joy Being the heart and the soul of the party If I was witty I would be the popular friend But I would be careful not to be cynical…

What do they see?

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
walls painted by innocent beliefs encase dusty scripts unchanged through centuries entertaining less programming more mindsets ? I see a witty child painting a fresh clue to the kind of world she wants reverberating with merriment not satire or villainous interjections ? she’d? rather leave that to those who have…