#Elegy Poem – When Refrigerators Attack

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Hello! Here is my take on BrewNSpew’s Word of the Week Challenge: Witty 🙂

Word of the Week – witty (adjective) – showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor. synonyms – humorous, amusing, droll, funny, comical, clever, chucklesome, jocular, lively, waggish.

Eugenia @ BrewNSpew

When Refrigerators Attack

Oh refrigerator! My refrigerator!
Hackers have infiltrated your system
Developed a botnet to send thousands of malicious emails
How do we defend against my sudden rogue appliance?

My heart is at a loss!
The sudden ambush!
Defenseless with no warning!
Perishables are now vulnerable!

Oh refrigerator! My refrigerator!
You’ve been with me through thick and thin.
You offered a refreshing cool haven
after a hot summer day playing out in the parks

Savory dishes have lasted longer
Bacteria were kept at bay
Cold storage during transit
Meals can be prepared in bulk

A presentation at a conference with a witty name

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3 replies

  1. Eugenia,

    What an interesting poem! I would’ve not thought to use an appliance but how fun! We finally replaced our old refrigerator last November which was beast. It came with the house so it was pushing 50 years. Modern refrigerators can only dream about living that long! We bought a secondary refrigerator about 25 years ago and it’s been on its last leg for the past five years. I don’t think it’ll last much longer. Thanks for the share!

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    • Yes, this piece is very unique and well done.

      We live in an apartment and everything about it is nice, except for the appliances. The refrigerator was dinged and dented and finally started to not work properly. We sent several requests to maintenance for repairs and as soon as they supposedly fixed it, it broke again. So, we bought our own new refrigerator and had the apartment peeps pick theirs up. Mission accomplished. 🙂


  2. sticker
    is there
    fresh milk
    and snacks

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