An Open Mic Evening


I attended another recital/open mic, evening tonight. Despite venturing out into the cold, I enjoyed the friendly evening. A great chance to meet up with fellow poets and hear their outstanding works. Also a time to sip on a few beers and soak up the pleasant surroundings, and atmosphere, of the ‘Valhalla Brewing & Taproom’  bar, during the poetry reading sessions. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to read three of my poems. Below are the three pieces that I read out tonight.

Dreams Of The Heart


I cannot walk the continents

Like the intrepid Marco Polo

But my feet have felt the sands of time

Pass between my toes

I have not sailed the high seas

Like the courageous Christopher Columbus

But my body has bathed

In an ocean full of kind hearts

I’m yet to fly in space

Like the brave Neil Armstrong

But I have…

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  1. Oh Eugenia, this is quite an honour to have my article re-posted on your wonderful site… I’m feeling very privileged …Big thank you’s from this old poet… ((hugs))

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  2. sounds interesting… i wish I could meet great achievers in real life; probably I would be able to get a bit of their raw substance

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