“Let’s Go See Those Videos” for BrewNSpew word/photo Challenge – Watermelon – July 1 2019

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BrewNSpew Challenge July 1 2019

Word of the week – watermelon – (noun) – a large oblong or roundish fruit with a hard green or white rind often striped or variegated, a sweet watery pink, yellowish, or red pulp, and usually many seeds. Synonyms – melon, cantaloupe, water melon.

There are no restrictions, except please and thank you for limiting a written post to 300 words or fewer.

July is National Watermelon Month!


“Once Upon A Time there were Three Bears.”


“Can I watch?”

“Ok Champ! Up you come!”


“uh huh?”

“I know what bears eat.”

“Don’t you wanna hear the Fairy Tale Champ?”


“Well, sit tight and we’ll read it together.”

“But Daddy!”


“Are the bears coming on our picnic?”

“Well. I dunno. I suppose..”

“Daddy, can we ask them?”

“Well. Let’s see. We’ll start the story and see

if we…

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