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The Landay is a traditional Afghan poetic form consisting of a single couplet. There are nine syllables in the first line, and thirteen syllables in the second. These short poems typically address themes of love, grief, contemplation, homeland, war, and separation. Wikipedia

The couplet may rhyme, although this is not a requirement.

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And when, at last, I come to the end,

Will those who remain be enriched by the words I’ve penned?

WHB.  July 2019 … ©


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  1. One may only hope, but looking at what’s happening with blogs over 5-10 years I’m not overly optimistic.

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  2. Wow!!! Such beautiful words!

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  3. We can only hope as we have been enriched by words of others, knowingly or unknowingly.

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  4. The words I read, enriches my soul (9)
    My world without words, does cry like a paperless book (13)

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