The Power of Destiny


a waning wonder

the beach tires of abrasion

karma is tactless

In Other Words – the beach

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Wonder

Your Daily Word Prompt – Tactless – July 17, 2019


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15 responses to “The Power of Destiny

  1. All those prompts in one Haiku! Well done Eugenia! 😀 ❤

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  2. Beautiful!

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  3. Cleverly full of a myriad of topics…. and I think I wrote one about destiny… hmmm.. I’ll have to a search….

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  4. You’re welcome, Ivor!


  5. Clever you! Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Very clever Eugenia! Gave me a surprising amount to ponder about myself.

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  7. you have captured more than just the ocean vibes Eugenia, at the sea shore two world meet, you made that so tangible here. karma is tactless….now that was quite a sobering line. well done!

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