12 comments on “BrewNSpew Cafe Review- July 15 through July 19, 2019

  1. Eugenia,

    I’d love to spend a few days on the beach just to hear the waves crash against the beach or to see the sun sink across the horizon leaving in its wake streaks of orange and yellow across the sky.

    I’m reminded this day how blessed I am for the treasures in my life, DH. Yesterday I learned a good childhood friend’s husband passed in his sleep and my heart is so heavy for her. I can’t imagine nor do I want to what she’s feeling. It’s fear we all carry inside and don’t ever want to face that chapter. I don’t know what I’d do without DH. He is my anchor, my life, my word! Gee, I don’t mean to be such a downer. News like this is just so sobering, isn’t it? Here’s to a joyful week ahead and thanks for hitting the 4M dance floor with me!

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    • I am sorry to learn of your friend’s loss, Cathy! I’ve been in her position myself and it’s a very difficult time in one’s life. Have a fantastic week ahead! 😉

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      • Eugenia, I had no idea that you’ve lost a husband. This makes my forth classmate to lose their husbands. Yesterday’s news just made me want to hold onto DH extra tight. We never know what the next second has in store.

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