Day by day


one must improvise

life to explicate purpose

beats of the morrow

In Other Words, improvise…

Your Daily Word Prompt – Explicate – July 24, 2019


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16 responses to “Day by day

  1. Perfect take on the prompt!

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  2. Very sage advice.

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  3. explicate
    to move forward
    to bring in a new idea
    to change things for the better.
    To improve ones self
    to discipline yourself to set goals.
    To focus on what is important
    to not get sidetracked.
    This will explicate a positive change.

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  4. Words engage
    Meanings vary
    A poet’s task
    Conveyed emotion
    Captured thoughts
    Illustrate a vision
    Explicate the journey
    Poets and readers
    Words and minds


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  5. Love that idea to improvise on life

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  6. You are so clever. Always a wonder to read your response to challenges. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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  7. Thank you for your kind comment, Patricia! 😉