my Paul

words less spoken

just tonight can we stare at the lamp lights

gleaming on the
surface of the puddles in the street

tonight ange triste will you stand still

so as to peer upon
your waifly silhouette

without it floating from my bandaged hands

can i be your Paul and
place my ear atop your heart

and etch in little kisses i love you on the

renegade palpitations there about

tonight no wine no
smokes no laughing hard

no sucker punches no living the life no mosher pits

altered minds

just a little
silence with you ange betwixt my arms

instead of me amidst your legs

you don’t always have
to run away scared little bird

pecker and picker of my nerves
and priestess of my vacuumed


one time before i leave
and i lose you to the vampires

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  1. Such a striking twist in the last line!

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