BrewNSpew Cafe Review – August 5 through August 9, 2019


teasing of nature

happy dance before autumn

betraying heatwave

A vacation is like love—anticipated with pleasure and remembered with nostalgia. – Farmer’s Almanac Philosofacts

Sharing this week’s BrewNSpew Cafe Review for the August 5 through August 9, 2019, posts contributed by our fellow bloggers addressing the word silhouette and corresponding image.


prompt image – July 5, 2019

BrewNSpew Cafe Weekly Challenge Participants – August 5 through August 9, 2019

I Write Her


Words Less Spoken

My Paul

Reena Saxena

Lessons of a lifetime

Sarika, Pure Reflections


Keep it Alive

BrewNSpew Café August 5- 2019– Silhouette





Jen Goldie – A little this, a little that, some real and some imaginings.

“I See Your Silhouette” for BrewNSpew Aug. 5 2019 Challenge – Silhouette

I thank all of you for your delightful submissions.

Here are the details of the weekly challenge. Create your post with your interpretation of the prompt.

Link your blog to mine with a Pingback. To do a Pingback: Copy the URL (the HTTPS:// address of my post) for the current week’s prompt and paste it into your post. You may also place a copy of the URL of your post in the comments of my current week’s post.

This gives you the opportunity to challenge yourselves by creating your own piece using the weekly featured prompt. I hope to see you soon at the cafe!

BS Cafe 5


featured image – Pexels

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8 replies

  1. We’ve had a cool weekend, but the triple digits are heading our way. Oh joy.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Eugenia. ♥

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  2. We’re at 90 with a feel like at – 100. It’s hazy and stifling ugh!


  3. happy dance…i love that feeling your haiku invokes, saying goodbye can be joyful too

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  4. Eugenia,

    It’s still quite warm here but I noticed in the extended forecast change is coming. I can’t wait for things to cool off again. I’m not in a huge hurry but am looking forward to autumn’s refreshing change and seasonal colors. It amazes me how fast time passes. Have a boogietastic week!

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    • Hi Cathy! Yep, it’ been downright hot the last few days. We were grocery shopping yesterday and the heat index was 107 – Whew! Have a great week and stay cool!


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