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clouds-cloudy-dawn-1824Inspired by BrewNSpew Cafe 8/12/19 Word Challenge

We were so grateful the sun finally began dipping behind the mountain range. The heat dissipated some even though it cast a hazy, burnt atmosphere around us. The clouds above us spread out an undulating, wavy pattern. Wrestling coyotes, wrangling with wild horses, evading snakes – what a daymare this had been!

As we lay on the riverbank, after escaping all those perils, we realized what a predicament this had become. Exhaustion was quickly setting alongside the fear. Making matters even worse; all our gear and supplies had floated away. The situation had become life or death. What a nightmare.

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  1. What an awesome view Eugenia, I really like your post. It looks so heart touching.

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  2. This is wonderfully written Eugenia, it is quite an adventure with such vivid imagery. 😊🌹

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