“This Time It’s Vegetarian!” for the BrewNSpew Cafe Challenge Aug. 12 2019 ©J.E.Goldie

Sharing Jen’s take on the prompt –

BrewNSpew Challenge August 12 2019BrewNSpewAug12chair-creepy-door

Presenting the week’s challenge – You may use the words and/or the image for this week’s prompt.

daymare – (noun) –  A terrifying experience, having the characteristics of a nightmare, during wakefulness.

nightmare – (noun) – An oppressed state during sleep, accompanied by a feeling of intense fear, horror, or anxiety, or of inability to escape from some threatened danger or from pursuing phantoms or monsters. Also, called incubus.


“Honey, did you set the table?”

“Not yet. I’m just hanging a few things.”

“Well don’t be long, Ok?”

“Hon? What do you think of these?

They seem to be incubus.”


“That’s what I thought. We’ll keep them

hanging around. We might need them

sometime. I’ve got just the right spot.”

“Where’s that?”

“In the closets, where it’s dark.”

“Oh. Good thinking.”

“Will you give me a hand?”

“But I…

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