Spring Break 1987

Sharing Violet’s take for the weekly prompt.

Thru Violet's Lentz

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The week that was supposed to have been the absolute crescendo of
Melanie’s collegiate career and celebrate her embarkation upon the
home stretch of her senior year, that final year of growth and
liberation, instead became a nightmare from which there will be no
waking up.

It began innocently enough, two middle of the spectrum girls from Ohio fly into Ft Lauderdale, rent a car at the airport, and stop off at the first bar they come to, the famed Elbow Room on the corner of Las Olas and the A1A strip- even before checking in to their less than lavish ocean-side accommodations.

A few celebratory libations later, they are engaging in some pre-code flirtations with a couple of liquored up pre-law students who just happen to be in search of a ride to Confetti’s, a notorious hot spot over on Commercial, a multilevel lounge that serves…

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