Why is the best platform to build your website—comparison with

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Motivation & Environment

It is understandable when anyone doesn’t have sufficient information about a new venture they desire to get into; the same applies to people who are interested in owning a website, and building it from scratch.

In the same manner that life is unpredictable, so are certain issues and unforeseen circumstances that arise when operating and using a website. This usually happens regardless of experience or inexperience, even though it is not rampant everywhere, especially on—and probably a few other platforms.

Also, it is understandable that some users of still haven’t come across interesting information and stats about their platform which has brought a sense of fulfillment to about 33% of internet users.

The major reason why is the best platform on which to own a website is because of the obvious level of security it offers and in shields its users’ websites away from security breaches that…

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