BrewNCafe – September 30, 2019

amidst the chaos firmament echoes applause winds howl silently “Everything in life is unusual until you get accustomed to it.” ― L. Frank Baum, Presenting the week’s prompt – You may use the word(s), phrase and/or image to interpret the prompt. Weekly prompt – scarecrow – (noun) – an object usually suggesting a human figure that is set up to frighten birds away from crops; … Continue reading BrewNCafe – September 30, 2019

BrewNSpew Cafe Review – September 23 through September 27, 2019

lullaby summer sultry days sigh au revoir leaves flirt with brisk air When summer opens, I see how fast it matures, and fear it will be short; but after the heats of July and August, I am reconciled, like one who has had his swing, to the cool of autumn. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Here is this week’s BrewNSpew Cafe Review for the September 23 through … Continue reading BrewNSpew Cafe Review – September 23 through September 27, 2019

Where is the festive spirit?

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In response to Eugenia’s ( BrewNSpewCafe ) writing challenge : Festive The booming economy and changing times have diluted the essence of celebrations. Festivals, which reflected cultural tradition today is more about flaunting riches. The warmth of cohesive affability is replaced by instant gratification. Instagram is bombarded with pictures of the pomp and grandeur displayed. Fragrance and bonhomie of the… Continue reading Where is the festive spirit?


Empty headed, I am nobody. Empty handed, I have no friends. Is it common sense to assume all of us have a lessor amount of friends than our friends do, or is it a contradiction? Best ask the nobodies before they’re somebodies. PROMPT 106 The theme this week is ‘Paradox’. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #106 I used Reena’s examples- I am nobody All of us have a lesser … Continue reading Huh?

Cyberspace, And Melted Digital’s

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This week’s word prompt on “Weekly Prompts is : Cyber Invitation. Please go and visit their fabulous site, click >> HERE … This crazy, distorted cyberspace Can be a dishonest place Like talking to aliens from outer-space False profiles and no trace ? I dislike bloggers with no face And avoid, no what “About’s”, a shameful disgrace As if they’re… Continue reading Cyberspace, And Melted Digital’s

BrewNSpewCafe – September 23, 2019

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Eugenia is the host of BrewNSpew Café “I used to love September, but now it just rhymes with remember.”?? ― Dominic Riccitello? Presenting the week’s challenge – You may use the words and/or the image for the weekly prompt. Weekly prompt?–?festive?–?(adjective)?– of, relating to, or suitable for a feast or festival. ~*~ There are seasons to celebrate There are… Continue reading BrewNSpewCafe – September 23, 2019

Bring me fall

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Fall birthdays are the best. Balloons ???? seem superfluous to the colorful, animated ???????? trees – playing backdrop for the festive ???????????? frolicing of friends and family – painted with reds and oranges and yellows. ???? Even the browns feel alive ???????? before jumping to the ground, ???????????? smiling to their final resting place. Give me red of rosy… Continue reading Bring me fall