My Favorite Alphabet Challenge Responses for August

I am thrilled my poem, in response to KaylaAnn’s Alphabet Challenge, received acclaim. Everyone, be sure to join in KaylaAnn’s challenge and have fun!


Starting just last week, the Alphabet Challenge is under way! Although we have only addressed the letter “A” so far, I could not help myself but to showcase some other bloggers who participated in the Alphabet Challenge!


Eugenia from PoemsNSuch created a lovely poem entitled “Affliction”:

afterthoughts awry

agonizing over life

a poignant satire

WriteandRong created a lovely piece of prose dealing with a new perspective on that emotion called Anger:

“More often than not, you noticed his vehicle inching up behind you. It was inconspicuous – bright red and roaring engine. Like he wants you to know he is there.

But as you count down from ten and looked again, the car was nowhere to be found. And you immediately forgot that he had appeared.

One day, his car managed to reach the road by your side. And he waits for you to enter.

But you walked away. Maybe not…

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  1. That’s wonderful! Congrats.

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