Myself and…


 my alter ego aflame

 should I risk a dabble of calm?

happy endings are all alike

the same as they ever were

In Other Words, aflame…

Your Daily Word Prompt – Dabble -September 4, 2019

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Happy Endings Are All Alike – Sandra Scoppettone


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12 responses to “Myself and…

  1. You are an excellent wordsmith.

    Have a fabulous Wednesday, Eugenia. ♥

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  2. Profound!

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  3. light a fire
    to conspire
    dutch treat
    and spam
    on the shingle
    cheap red meet!

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  4. This is like a riddle…

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  5. Can’t believe you just did 3 prompts in one post! AND you made it brilliant! Love this!

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  6. Go ahead take the risk…maybe a different kind of happy ending. As always, thanks for sharing.

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