Farmer’s Blessing – Bussokusekika Poem

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Frank has graciously given permission for me to use the Bussokusekika form for this Haikai Challenge.  The Bussokusekika is a rare form of Japanese poetry that consists of six lines written in a 5-7-5-7-7-7 mora pattern.  David Bowles. Written In Response To: BrewNSpew Cafe Challenge Of The Week – harvest moon. Frank J. Tassone Haikai Challenge #104 (9/14/19):  harvest moon (meigetsu)… Continue reading Farmer’s Blessing – Bussokusekika Poem

The Celestial Party!

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BrewNSpew cafe’s weekly prompt : Harvest Moon The velvety stage is set, as twilight casts its veil the halcyon breeze croons a musical melody a poetic rhythm ensues as stars join the choir the celestial party comes alive as the luminous pearl makes a grand entry flaunting its flamboyant florescence, serenades the inky expanse with an alchemy of its gleaming halo. Continue reading The Celestial Party!