The wheels in my head go round and round

Sharing Tim’s take on the prompt –


I wisheth I couldeth remembereth all the things that I think. I remembereth that I thought things, and, though the things that I thought are, theoretically, thtill there, they thwirl outhide my grathp.

Thorry about that.

Then I saw the BrewNCafe weekly prompt, Scarecrow, and this happened.

 Most of the time                                                10/01/19

I don’t say what I think,
most of the time.
I don’t think you would understand,
most of the time.
I don’t understand what you expect,
Most of the time.
I don’t expect you even know,
Most of the time.
I don’t know what you want,
Most of the time.
I don’t want to care,
Most of the time.
But I do.
My head is full of thoughts, not straw.
A heart beats within my chest.
I do have the courage,
To stand by your side,
To fend off the crows that peck and steal,
To support you…

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  1. Eugenia,

    Thought-provoking poetry My head is full of too many thoughts sometimes but it certainly comes all out like there’s straw there instead. Why can’t my mouth and brain match up? Hmmm, that’s a puzzler! Great share. Thanks, my friend!

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