Living with Insanity

Sharing Reena’s take on the prompt –

Reena Saxena

I’m talking to you. In a
moment, I’m not…. You are not there.

I see you being
transformed into a familiar, but horrific being – eyes bulging out, a
disconnected expression, hands moving aimlessly in the air, clenched teeth and
a desire to kill.

I survive the night,
live in hope of a better future, and then … it happens again.

You seem to revel in the
ghoulish parts of your being. I often wonder what makes you hold on to it. Is
it an effort to scare the living daylights out of others? Is it a compensation
for something you missed doing earlier? Do you find meaning in the darkness
within, to escape from humdrum realities around? Does it lend depth to an otherwise
hollow existence?

I have no answers. There
is a strong desire to help, but you don’t want to be helped.

Yet, I live through it…

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  1. I’d contac the family doctor tomorrow!
    Next week might be too late!

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