Day: October 10, 2019

Bruised Spirit

Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons memories of melancholia bury my passion to exist the thick of fog blurs my mind I am my own puppet yet without control my hard-spent days a riddle of the past Reena’s Exploration Challenge #108 my other blog, PoetryPalette -Eugenia

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #108

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Welcome to a poetic week! Poetry touches the soul, and has the power to impact thoughts and lives. Only a writer can appreciate the craft of making poetry whatever it is – be it a game of rhyme, syllables, structure, choice of words or a free flow of thoughts. I’ve…

“LOOK OUT! RUN!!!” ©J.E.Goldie BREWNSPEW Café Challenge Oct. 7 2019

Originally posted on Jen Goldie – A little this, a little that, some real and some imaginings.: Weekly prompt – ghoulish – (adjective) – 1) strangely diabolical or cruel; monstrous. 2) showing fascination with death, disease, maiming, etc.; morbid. 3) of, relating to, or like a ghoul or ghouls. __________________________________________________________________________ LOOK OUT! RUN!!! They came…


Originally posted on Sarika, Pure Reflections:
Photo by Arnie Chou on A silent burden, so thickof agony and pain…Gruesome darkness, so starktrapped in the criss cross of brain…. Fragile heart, so heavywith the never melting rime..As the sun, so dismalit ceases to shine…. Silent screams ofhopes, dying in despair…Lungs filled with ashesgasping for air….…