Bruised Spirit

Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons

memories of melancholia

bury my passion to exist

the thick of fog blurs my mind

I am my own puppet

yet without control

my hard-spent days

a riddle

of the


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #108


22 responses to “Bruised Spirit

  1. I feel like this perfectly describes a lot of my recent days.

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  2. “My hard-spent days … a riddle of the past” …. So evocative!

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    Bruised Spirit …. by Eugenia

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  4. You have captured the feelings so well.

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  5. These two lines resonate loudly, …..although today my bells did chime……

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  6. rage
    from mycage
    messy car
    near not far
    and the lingo
    was obscene

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  7. Oh, I feel this, Eugenia.

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  8. Well expressed. Life must seem so difficul in such circumstances.

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  10. Oh lovely! That ballerina just going around and around, great image to reflect the feeling of life being out of your control. Good job, Eugenia!

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