Day: October 24, 2019

My Halloween poem Published on Spillwords – October 24, 2019 – Spooky Festivities

Oh, the wind how it wailsa lonely dog howlsthrough the nightcompeting with sulkingloons as they cry outguttural and eerie sounds.The quiet lake under the guiseof serenity now a hauntingblackhole covered in mist.Spooky shadowy figures,not friendly folk, shroudedin icy white convene withwitches and goblins planningand plotting their knavery.The inky midnight sky,air thick and suffocating,comes alive and…

Celebrate Harvest

Originally posted on awisewomansjourney:
Written In Response To: BrewNSpew Cafe Weekly Word Challenge – Weekly Prompt: haunt/haunted/haunting haunting is the thought of no more pumpkin patches we would have no pie so celebrate fall harvest that keeps pumpkin pie alive! ~ * ~ Photo Credit #1:  Pinterest Photo Credit #2:  Pinterest ?