Day: October 25, 2019

A cosmic chorus

Originally posted on Reverie in reverse:
The lyrical sun meets the day hopefully,a low trill softly rising like the hum of footstepsfalling on the hillside, bringing goodwillto those who listen. That subtle, hauntingsound warbles in the ears of humanity,perched above us but inviting fellowship. There’s a lesson here, I think — the lightrecedes and returns…

Haunted Hospital

Originally posted on Thru Violet's Lentz:
Hospital by sotsun on Deviant art they used to keep them here you knowthe criminally insanelocked behind these very doorsthorazine coursing through their veins. the ones that perished here, it’s saidwere denied admittance to the next planeso they walk these halls at each full moon-much to their disdain.…