Day: October 29, 2019

The voice

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I heard the voice — whirling in my earslike a breeze whistling on leaveswith the bluster of November not expectingDecember to overshadow it — though in my delirium I could not find it. The voice — alien and incoherent as it seizedmy mind without a through to the impressionit left…

BrewNSpew Café- 28 October 2019- Psychic…. No thanks

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Eugenia is the host of BrewNSpew Café. “Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; unbelief, in denying them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Presenting the week’s prompt – You may use the word(s), phrase and/or image to interpret the prompt. Because of my blog having some youthful readers,…

Lascivious glance

behind the beauty ebullient alien eyes judging another I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #43 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge October 29, 2019- behind the beauty V.J.’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE #70: ALIEN Your Daily Word Prompt – Ebullient – October 29, 2019 my other blog, PoetryPalette -Eugenia featured image –

Haibun – The Law of Karma!

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BrewNSpew Cafe City life today embroils man in an urban mess. His mind clamors against the stress, adding to the din. He buckles under the overwhelming burden of his pregnant thoughts. Fatigue overpowers his listless body. As the energy saps to rock bottom, he decides to take a travel break. Wandering…


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I strive to find the ground I left behind – then wonder if it ever existed. Psychic perceptions have left me dangling between two worlds. belonging – neither here nor there accepted – neither here nor there Can I blame them for not knowing what I do? They are happy…