This Is Why You Should Rewrite and Republish Old Content

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The Art of Blogging

It’s not enough to just write and publish posts. 

One of the bittersweet truths of blogging is that you have to market and promote your posts. You also shouldn’t let your old posts suffer in the archives purgatory.

You don’t want to write each blog post and then forget about them because your audience sure won’t.

Keep reading to learn why you should rewrite and republish old blog posts.

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  1. Good blogging advice! Thanks for sharing

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  2. very interesting and enlightening… thanks for sharing… after I recently started republishing most of my old quality posts, my general stats shot up high

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  3. my posts
    are free
    some written
    of the same names manyt iems
    tho not really!~


  4. Excellent advice! 👌 I do this fairly often.

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