BrewNSpew Café- Folklore- November 11-2019

Sharing Sadje’s take on the prompt –

Keep it alive

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Weekly prompt – folklore– traditional customs, tales, sayings, dances, or art forms preserved among a people. Synonyms – legend, lore, myth, mythology, mythos, tradition.

prompt image – Nov. 11, 2019


Stories are woven in the fabric of history

Full of wisdom, magic, and tales of bravery

Threads of this tapestry are interspersed

With the tradition of our ancestors carrying it on

To the next generations so that the words still live

Long after older lives have closed their tired eyes

Respect the folklore ’cause it’s not only stories

But pearls of great wisdom disguised as legends




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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing 😍

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  2. Us, who love to write. Must share the folklore, we know.

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