BrewNSpew Café- November 18, 2019- Fable

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Keep it alive

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Weekly prompt–fable– a fictitious narrative or statement: such as a legendary story of supernatural happenings; a narration intended to enforce a useful truth especially:one in which animals speak and act like human beings.

prompt image – Nov. 18, 2019


Reading to my little girl

I chose to read her tonight

A fable, something with

A lesson for her to carry

Wisdom learned from her mom


The story starred a lazy hare and a diligent turtle

Just at the start, she interrupted me with this caveat

Why did the hare agree to compete against the turtle

If he knew how lazy he was, he was sure to lose the race

I was thinking of an appropriate response when another objection arose

Did the turtle already knew that the hare would not complete the race

Living in the same forest, I am sure…

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