Day: November 21, 2019

Envy’s Folly

Originally posted on One Woman's Quest:
Valley envies peak begrudges fabled riches ignores present wealth. (For RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge:  valley/ peak.  Also submitting to BrewNSpew’s challenge: fable.)

Winter scent

Originally posted on Reverie in reverse:
Just a murmur of a scent — whispering as it passes in my nose —announcing a chill with a hintof pine (sweet as it burns) carryingsmokey remembrances of hot chocolateafternoons on rising clouds of melting obligations. Those fabled days — when white shrouded the world as far aswe could image — of…

Truth Or Fable?

Originally posted on awisewomansjourney:
In Response To: RDP Wednesday – Evidence BrewNSpew Cafe Weekly Word Challenge – Fable – You may use the word(s), phrase and/or image to interpret the prompt. Crimson’s Creative Challenge #54 – Every Wednesday I post a photo.  You respond with something CREATIVE. An ancient building centuries old holds many thoughts…