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Igår fikk vi besøk av en eksepsjonell type av perlemorskyer.  Forskjellen til andre tidligere slike skyer var at store deler av skyen var rett og slett umulig å fokusere på, men andre partier opptrådte  mer vanlig. Jeg forsøkte med litt forskjellige valg av fokuseringspukt osv. men forskjellene ble helt marginale. Likevel fremsto skyen som veldig spesiell i forhold til det vi vanligvis ser innenfor dette området.
Yesterday we had a run-in by an exceptional type of ‘mother of pearl’- clouds.
The difference to other previous such clouds was that large parts of the cloud were simply impossible to focus on, whilst other parts appeared to be co-operative?I tried to change the chosen focusing point etc. but the differences in outcome were quite marginal.Nevertheless, the cloud appeared very special compared to what we usually see among such.
Men jeg håper jo at disse bildene likevel vekker interesse?
But I…

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  1. Why, thank you! It occured to me that since such clouds generate in extremely low temperatures, perrhaps such clouds are a bit mor rare in other parts of the world than up here abouts?

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  2. Looks like Northern lights by daylight. Beautiful!

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  3. Cheers, we share the same name. The best to you.

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  4. Wow those are really cool!

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