Listen, can you hear

let resentment be cast aside

new destinations beautiful

laughter from every direction

let’s triumph in the sound of music

Friday, 5 lines or less… – beautiful

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #118

Your Daily Word Prompt – Triumph – January 16, 2020

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Sound of Music

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Laughter – January 13, 2020


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20 responses to “Listen, can you hear

  1. Beautifully attempted the challenge

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  2. Music and then listening to anything or anyone is an art that many folks haven’t conquered.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Eugenia. ♥

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  3. Beautifully said!

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  4. Wonderful use of the prompts Eugenia with a great message! 😀

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  5. Music… Magical music! ❤

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  6. ‘Laughter from every direction’ sounds so positive.

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    Listen, can you hear …. by Eugenia

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  8. Beautiful Eugenia 🙂


  9. Thank you, Jen. 😉


  10. Positive lines to live by. Thanks for sharing.

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