naive thoughts judgmental

a leading precipitant to self-pity

touchy feelings temperamental

evoking a cry out in pain

a quivering soul in purple rain

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #119

Friday, 5 lines or less… cry

Your Daily Word Prompt – Precipitant – January 24, 2020

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Purple Rain


featured image – Pexels

19 responses to “Misunderstood

  1. Good insight, poetically unfolded.

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  2. You do have a way with words. Well done.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

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  3. Really wonderfully done! 😀

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  4. I read lines 1,3and 5 again, and they conveyed a different kind of music.

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    Misunderstood – by Eugenia

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  6. Beautiful. You used all the prompts brilliantly.

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  7. Wonderfully scripted that brought you to appreciate deeper the meaning.. ❤

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  8. Wonderful, one of your best! Thank you for sharing.

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