Day: February 8, 2020

Mother nature leaving her footprint

glistening affair purity graces bare trees winter wonderland snow laughs in the light a playful tease from nature fresh footsteps hidden What a delightful view to start our morning and it’s still coming down. Thank you for the treat, Mother nature, but as with anything, don’t overstay your welcome. -Eugenia images – personal property

Eugenia Hoffman

Originally posted on I Write Her: quilted clouds steel grayso dreary makes me wearymenace in the skiesĀ  ~~ the skies predict moodsblissful thoughts within my graspI applaud natureĀ  ~~ bare trees sway wildlyfragile limbs weak and timidtimber plentifulĀ  ~~ noise assaults the aircrows convoked a committeegossips voice concerns ~~~ Eugi’s Causerie – I enjoyed…