the red gift box alluring

it’s contents velvety

smooth and decadent.

but her love for chocolates

the crux of her addiction.

her unforgettable forgotten

he shredded her dreams

in dignified air of victory

V.J.’s Challenge #83: Product placement

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Crux – #YDWordPrompt February 11, 2020

Eugi’s Weekly Challenge – Love – February 10, 2020


28 responses to “Bittersweet

  1. magi
    to sender!

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  2. Nicely done!

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  3. Oh, “Chocolates”….. Ivor will definitely help with the unwrapping…….🧡

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  4. I have a sweet tooth myself 😂

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  5. Poignant.

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  6. My weakness too! Sweet words Eugenia… Loved devouring them.

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  7. Wonderful poem Eugenia! ❤

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  9. Shaheshal, Crazy ideas with crazy fun😜!

    LOVE IT EUGENIA!!! Please follow me!!!!!!!!!

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  10. I find this poem most intriguing, Eugi, especially the “unforgettable forgotten”, as if a simple heart box of chocolate can expunge the sins of the giver. Definitely what marketing would have us believe.

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  12. Enjoyed quite a few chocolates this Valentine’s day! 😉 Wonderful take.

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