Featuring – “Legends”; “Dance”; “Sunshine” prompt participants

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompts –

LegendsApril 20, 2020

Joseph Mason, Author

Another terrible Haiku

Dancing – April 27, 2020

The tenth zodiac


Sunshine – May 4, 2020

Xine Segalas Creative Arts



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8 responses to “Featuring – “Legends”; “Dance”; “Sunshine” prompt participants

  1. ram on aries
    i the stinger

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  2. Hey Eugenia 😃I’ve been seeing your posts about weekly prompts, but I don’t really understand it.

    Would you please tell me what it is all about?😃

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    • On Mondays, I post a prompt word – today’s word is “harmony”. Those that want to participate write a post on their own blog relating to that word. It can be a poem, short story, photo, etc. Then you share the link to your post in my comment section of the respective post or if you include my post link in your post, it creates a pingback.

      I publish several posts throughout the week featuring those that participated and then post all links in the next Monday’s post. It’s a way to inspire writers to write.

      WordPress used to share a weekly prompt word and stopped. Now, several bloggers have daily, weekly or monthly prompts.

      I hope this helps! 😉

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  3. sugarplum917

    Hi Eugenia , For a VERY VERY long time now, I was away from my BLOG—Blogging. I am hoping to restart my writing on a daily bases,as these last few years I was away, ups and downs ,sadness and striving in life. I love your post about —Prompt word– I find it very fun when I have a prompt word- I bought a nice sized -Spiral Index cards – I am going to write on every card a word ,and will write about something, using that word ! I missed my blog AND visiting other bloggers !

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