Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Cherish” – May 18, 2020

Your Weekly Prompt – Cherish – May 18, 2020.

nature allowing

cherish sunrise and sunsets

fortunate pursuits

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  1. Here you go. :)

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  2. Your lines are poignant, lovely.

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  3. Those are two things that I enjoy. Hubby and I cherished this mornings sunrise. It was beautiful.

    Have a fabulous day, Eugenia. ♥

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  4. Another great prompt. Here’s my offering , this week, in response to weekly prompt ‘Cherish’ – Senryū / Yesterday’s Lost Words. Here’s the link

    Have a great day.

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  5. HI Eugenia,
    Nice Haiku.
    Thank you for running the challenge. I’m participating here for the first time. Here’s my take :-
    Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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  6. Thank you, Eugenia. Here’s my offering for the week. I hope you are having a delightful week thus far.

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  7. This week’s word prompt definitely struck a cord in me, Eugenia. You’ll find my verse at the very top of my A Poet I Am Not page. Have a good upcoming holiday week and stay well, my friend.

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  8. Hi Eugenia
    Here is my link for this week I’ve been misplacing links or my link back isn’t working. That happened with last week’s Harmony prompt. Just fixed it😊


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