We fall down, we get up

prompt image via Keep it Alive

ring around the rosie

this life, we maneuver

while circling the connect

or disconnect?

a pocket full of dreams

as posies wave nearby

or so it seems

in my world

What do you see # 30 – 18 May 2020

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #96: circling

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Maneuver – #YDWordPrompt May 19, 2020

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- My World – April 28, 2020


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25 replies

  1. The trick is to see where you are going, I guess=!

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  2. All about connecting in life! To ourselves, our environment and people around us!
    Love the poem.
    Thanks Eugenia for being a part of the challenge.

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  3. A beautiful poem about the connection ,loved it ❤

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  4. Wonderful take on the well loved rhyme!

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  5. Good one Eugenia. Suitable nursery reference for the time – pretty sure it was written about avoiding a pandemic.

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  6. WOW, I love your lines, Eugenia!

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  7. Beautiful and a bit nostalgic 👌🏾

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  8. Knowing you as I do, your dreams are unwavering, especially those within your clutch.

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  9. ‘ a pocket full of dreams’ – lovely!

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