Mind Heist

I’ve always been right

so much so that even I,

a carrier of ignorance,

was misguided by those

that think they are right.

all is not well, folks

all is not right

I propose we agree

to disagree

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #136

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Heist – #YDWordPrompt May 22, 2020


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28 responses to “Mind Heist

  1. These lines have a deeper meaning to them. 👍👏👏👏

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  2. Agree to disagree can resolve so many problems in life.

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    Mind Heist .. by Eugenia


  4. Makes perfect sense to me

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  5. Rashi Singh

    A clever play on words and a remarkable poem!

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  6. Rhen Laird

    I like the phrase, “carrier of ignorance” juxtaposed with “I’ve always been right”… marvelous.

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  7. The most sensible thing to do is ‘to agree to disagree…’

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  8. Disagreement does not equal rejection… yet, too often, that’s how we respond when we disagree! Love your ‘stream of mind’ writing. provocative.

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  9. Mind Heist! Perfect reflections..

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  10. Annette Kalandros

    Clever and meaningful–Perfect for the times in which we live. So well done! Hat off–

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  11. Wonderful, and feels so apt for this time in our lives!

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  13. I second your proposal.

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  14. I never understood the saying “agree to disagree”… I don’t want to agree with you at all! I find it’s merely an easy way to end the conversation.

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