Mind Heist

I’ve always been right

so much so that even I,

a carrier of ignorance,

was misguided by those

that think they are right.

all is not well, folks

all is not right

I propose we agree

to disagree


I just happened to type out these lines – aimlessly, without a prompt or plan or intentional play of words.

It might seem jumbled up, and may not make sense in the first reading.

Anyway the prompt is to pick up any one line (mention which one have you picked) or gist of the whole piece, if you can make sense of it, and base your piece on it. – Reena Saxena

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #136

Would I care to be right?
If life was not finite
If I’d the luxury of eternity
to let it be naturally proved
that I’ve always been right…

beliefs and perspectives
windowless walls between us
block insights – so much so, that
you revel in pleasures of darkness
bottling and imprisoning light

the beheaded boatsman
sinks with the boat
messenger from afar
carrying a crumpled note
All is not well, all is not right..

But I’d always been right
He should not have ventured this far…
He risked his life for a cause inane
A carrier of ignorance, misguided
By those who think they’re right

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Heist – #YDWordPrompt May 22, 2020


featured image – Pexels

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