Ode to a writer

a writer’s purpose

give thought to the now and then

written by the pen

a touch of imagination

a bit of inspiration

a tad of ideation

a spot of time to spend

a message to send

 a chance to pretend

a moment to think

a snapshot to link

we spill our ink

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #137


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52 responses to “Ode to a writer

  1. This is beautiful 👍😍

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  2. Twenty out of ten, for readability and flow! Kudos to you!

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    Ode to a writer ….. By Eugenia

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  4. Wonderful, Eugi!

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  5. Brilliantly expressed.

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  6. Perfectly done.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Eugenia. ♥

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  7. Very well said, Eugenia! Bravo!

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  8. Aahh! There you go😊The writer in you lays it bare! Wonderful!!


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  9. Beauty in simplicity. A wonderful, well-phrased piece of poetry.

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  10. Absolutely love the rhyme and sentiment expressed here, well done!

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  12. Fantastic! Must share… Wishing you a blessed and beautiful weekend, Eugenia! ❤

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  13. well-spilt, Eugi!

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  14. Brilliant take. Loved it.

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  15. Rhen Laird

    Applauding you on my side of the screen! 🙂

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  16. This is a really nice one Eugenia

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  17. Yes, imagination is a true path one’s personal escape.. that place between the mind and heart. Very reflective write in many creative ways Eugenia. Be safe and keep safe!💕☕️💕☕️

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